Curing Oven

  • Curing Oven

Curing Oven

Curing Oven Properties

Depth: in requested sizes

Width: as requested

High: in requested sizes

Temperature: max200 degree

Note: when the furnace dimensions are changed, they will be charged separately.

Circulation; 2 or 4pcs fan and channel inner structure to be provided homogeneously

2 or 4 pieces of motor fan to control ..

The circulation fan will have a constant speed of 1500d / d.

Fe-const thermocouple control from two zones

Interior flooring st 37 DKP Hair material

External flooring St 37 DKP hair material

Insulation from rock wool plates with high density

To keep the heat loss to the minimum level, the outer outer frame will be internal.

Door clamping system to be made manually by the operator

PID control panel

Tube heaters with stainless steel coil

Shelf will be

In the upper part of the insulated furnace, the resistors will be transported from the circulation channels to the furnace by means of a fan which will be located in a compartment separated by insulation, so that the resistance temperatures will not come directly on the product and a homogenous curing will be provided.

Product Photos

Kürleme fırını 1

Kürleme fırını 2

Kürleme fırını 3

Kürleme fırını 4

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